Turn based browser game JS Quest
Turn based browser game JS Quest
Turn based browser game JS Quest
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Accelerate Marketing

This project is my foray into the world of Wordpress development. It was practice to learn about the WP template hierarchy, plugins, Github integration, and how a website could be built for client that allowed them to make edits and add additional content without having to know code themselves. This project is a school project hosted on a transferable install and requires a username and password to view - if you would like to browse the site please u/n: demo p/w: lookatthis!


The designs and images were provided by a web designer. I used a PSD comp file to pull copy, colors, typography, and sizing/layout information from in order to code out the front-end.


This project utilizes many different components. A child-theme was implemented to keep their original codebase from being disturbed, the use of custom post types and advanced custom fields allowed for the client to easily add additional marketing case-studies. Mailchimp was used to set-up newsletter functionality on their blog, and a contact form was added to allow potential clients to reach out.