Turn based browser game JS Quest
Turn based browser game JS Quest
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Floripoppins; a client project for a vegan nutritionist, is a website dedicated sharing information about clean, sustainable eating and lifestyle choices. They share vegan and vegetarian recipes, and lifestyle tips that encourage a more conscientious approach to your diet and the ramifications it has on your health and your environment. They can be contacted for a customized nutrition plan.


Designed from scratch with several iterations of wire-frames and mock-ups, this client site looks to the heart of their business which focuses on sharing information about the health benefits and quality of life gained from clean sustainable eating. With that in mind I leaned on a neutral, natural palate of colors, with pops of yellow to invoke a sense of youthfulness, approachability, excitement, trust, and obtainability. The layout remains simple and clean with the homepage intentionally reading like a newspaper or magazine article to again show readers a sense of normalcy and familiarity as they take their first steps into more mindful eating.


This client project is built with Wordpress using the child-theme approach. The purpose of the site is to easily allow the client to regularly add and organize a lifestyle blog posts and vegan recipes to the site without jumping into the code. These requirements were easily handled by Wordpress' blog, category, and tag functionalities. It also features a contact form that allows prospective clients a means of getting in touch.