Turn based browser game JS Quest
Turn based browser game JS Quest
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Shaping Spaces

A client project for an in-home service business in Portland, OR that specializes in organizing, decluttering, optimizing, and streamlining spaces. Brought about by the pandemic that forced many people to work from home, Shaping Spaces understands the impact that our surroundings play on our productivity, creativity, happiness, and satisfaction. While a relatively new business, they are dedicated to their clients individual needs and evolving new services and processes to meet them.


The mission of Shaping Spaces is to create spaces free from distraction, where the client can feel inspired. The design for this website borrows from their business practices by utilizing a clean, neatly presented layout and using a color palate that feels warm, friendly, invigorating and relaxed. There are also a few design elements used throughout the website that are a subtle nod to the organizing expertise offered by the business - a parallax effect neatly tucks away the hero images as you scroll down the page, and sections with a large amount of content fade into view as they are needed on the screen.


This client site was built with Wordpress using the Underscores starter theme. The site utilizes advanced custom fields to allow for easier end user customization. An image carousel plugin is used to display and organize their client's testimonials. The client knew that the reason people would seek their services would differ so I used css animations to periodically switch the verbiage to resonate with as many potential clients as possible. Custom javascript was written to achieve the reveal on scroll effect on the process page - this allowed for the presentation bite-sized portions of a large quantity of text. Google Analytics are setup to start to understand how people are using the site and future plans include adding in newsletter functionality, a blog, and layout changes as business needs grow.