So you're curious about what I can do for you? I thought you'd never ask! Here are a few services that I currently offer. Have a question about a service or how I can help you on your project?

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Responsive Design

Responsive design ensure that no matter what device your potential customers view your site on, they see exactly what you want them to, how you want them to see it. We will establish how you want the world to see you through the purposeful use of colors, imagery, typography and layout.

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Front-end Development

Front-end Development takes a website design and builds it out using code like HTML, CSS, and Javascript, into basically everything that your customers will see when they browse your website. Don’t have a website design already? No worries, I just so happen to know a guy! *hint hint*

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WordPress Development

Planning on regularly adding new content such as, blog posts, pages or images to your site? This is where a content management system (CMS) like WordPress shines. After being set up and customized by a developer (like yours truly!) you can add content without having to dive back into the code.